Here we are at the last day of 2013, New Years Eve at least it is here in Australia.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy & Safe New Year, I hope that you all can end this year with grateful hearts for the many blessings you have had over these last 12 months.

I am grateful to all of you wonderful people that have followed and liked my posts over 2013, thank you so very much.

I hope to see you back here for 2014, and lets everyone of us make it an amazing year……HAPPY NEW YEAR!



If you make this an ” inner mantra ” I intend to feel good, you can picture yourself experiencing joy regardless of what’s going on around you.


Dr Wayne W Dyer.


When you make the decision to become a being of sharing, and practice keeping your thoughts harmonized with Spirit energy on a daily basis, your purpose will not only find you, it will chase after you wherever you go.


Dr Wayne W Dyer