The energy of your thoughts determines whether or not you’re living at an inspired level, so any doubt in your ability to manifest your desire or to receive spiritual guidance is vibrationally out of tune with that desire.


Dr Wayne W Dyer


Here we are at the last day of 2013, New Years Eve at least it is here in Australia.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy & Safe New Year, I hope that you all can end this year with grateful hearts for the many blessings you have had over these last 12 months.

I am grateful to all of you wonderful people that have followed and liked my posts over 2013, thank you so very much.

I hope to see you back here for 2014, and lets everyone of us make it an amazing year……HAPPY NEW YEAR!



If you make this an ” inner mantra ” I intend to feel good, you can picture yourself experiencing joy regardless of what’s going on around you.


Dr Wayne W Dyer.